Infernum Productions i Sony Online Entertainment odpalili dzi┼Ť d┼éugo wyczekiwan─ů gr─Ö MMORPG Dragon's Prophet w Pó┼énocnej Ameryce jak i na starym kontynencie. W Europie wydawc─ů oczywi┼Ťcie jest Infernum, w Ameryce SOE. W tym tytule gracze walcz─ů z setkami ró┼╝nego rodzaju smoków, wkraczaj─ů na areny wojen PvP i formuj─ů sojusze z Alliance Guardian Dragons, aby kontrolowa─ç ró┼╝ne terytoria w Auratian Sky Islands, formowa─ç, albo do┼é─ůcza─ç do gildii i do┼Ťwiadcza─ç wspania┼éych walk powietrznych na dosiadanych bestiach. 

At last — the Day of the Prophet is finally here! Even though it’s always special to release a new game, MMORPGs play on a different level. Thanks to the help of our enthusiastic community as well as the tireless work of the developer, the home of Dragon’s Prophet now shines brighter than ever before,” said Kristian Metzger, Director of Product Management at Infernum. “Since the start of Open Beta in May, many thrilling features as well as new content packages have been added to the game while existing systems have been drastically improved. The 100+ pages full of patch notes are a testament of these efforts. Now Dragon’s Prophet offers everything an enthusiast of fantasy games could wish for: an engaging combat system, epic guild battles, challenging dungeons as well more than 300 mighty dragons — the best kind of companions you could imagine!


Dragon's Prophet

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